The RMPHA Rendezvous in Denver

Our first outing of 2014 was a great success.  The RMPHA Rendezvous in Denver was a great show as always and we only got snowed in for one extra day this year! Dana Cebull and Laced Up Sensation, Amy Cebull and Invite Me To Dance and Raquel Graeve and Wanted Sensation all picked up points in big tough classes!

Diamond N Ranch at the 2013 Pinto World

The Diamond N Ranch gang had a great 2013 Pinto World Show.  Katie Holland and A Mystical Sensation were named Novice Amateur Showmanship World Champions!  Katie and “Maeby” had a great 2013 capped off by their first World title.

RMPHA Rendezvous Highlights

Despite a rather harrowing drive there and back, the Diamond N Ranch had a great time at the RMPHA Rendezvous April 10-14 in Denver.  Congratulations to all of our clients for a terrific show!

Invite Me To Dance: “Jessie” finished her Open Western Pleasure Superior and earned points in Western Riding and Junior Trail with Scott Neuman.  In addition, she had a great first time out with Amy Cebull.

Wanted Sensation: “William” and Raquel Graeve were the Circuit Champions in Novice Youth Showmanship and Youth Halter Geldings and earned points in Western Pleasure and Horsemanship.

A Mystical Sensation: “Maeby” and Katie Holland debuted in the Novice Amateur Western Pleasure and earned points both days! In addition they received points in Novice Amateur Showmanship and Amateur Mares.  Maeby also earned points in the Green Trail with Scott Neuman.

Dynamic Girl Friday: “Gracie” and Dana Cebull received points in Youth Halter Mares and had some good go’s in the Novice Youth Showmanship.